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Riley Cues for Billiards, Snooker, American Pool and Russian Pyramid

Riley produce some of the finest production snooker cues available in the world today. From entry level cues right through to our Elegance range, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail built into every single cue.

Cue Shafts

All of our cues are constructed from North American Ash - hand selected for the very best grain patterns. A straight grain is essential when lining up shots. All of the ash is precisely kiln dried to drive out moisture and prevent warping during use. This is a highly skilled process - cues that are over-dried will be just as prone to warping as those that have not been dried sufficiently. At the top of our range, we offer the unique L8 Laminated Cue Shaft. This is constructed from eight pieces of wood laminated together to form a single, strong and rigid cue. There is far less lateral movement when striking the cue ball, meaning less deflection, straighter shots and increased potting success.

Cue Designs

Riley produce a range of cues that runs from contemporary designs to traditional style. On our top of the range cues, we use only carefully selected exotic woods to create the cue butt, combining these in visually imaginative ways to achieve a standard that has not been seen previously in production cues - even many custom made cues can not match the quality, precision and appearance of our Elegance range.

Cue Tips

The tip is the point of contact between the cue and the cue ball - the best cue in the World will play poorly with a bad tip installed. That is why Riley use only the very best. On our premium cues, we use the Kamui Black laminated tip - a unique innovation that adds significant performance benefits as well as lasting longer than most other types commonly available. The Kamui Black tip has been engineered to accept more chalk than a standard tip, meaning that the cue grips the cue ball better and hence the player can generate more movement on the cue ball. Positional play becomes much easier. They also deflect less when contacting the cue ball, meaning that shots go straighter and less unintentional spin is imparted to the cue ball.

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