Riley Burwat Professional
Riley England

Burwat has always been the at the top of Riley's traditional snooker cue range - styling developed over our 100 year history to reflect the values and heritage embodied by the Riley brand. Now we have supercharged the Burwat by adding the Professional class - traditional styling with latest, state of the art features to enhance your game.

Constructed from the highest grade of North American ash, the shaft on the Burwat Professional is the Riley L8 shaft - a laminated construction that delivers greater cue power, greater accuracy and less deflection when making shots. A revolutionary shaft that is becoming the choice of snooker players the World over. Combine this with the Tiger Everest laminated tip and you have a snooker cue that delivers on all fronts - accuracy, power, control. Everything you need to get the best out of your cue sport.

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