Riley England ROS Ranges
Riley England

British craftsmen are renowned all over the World for their skill, painstaking attention to detail and the quality of the product they produce. All of these combine in the truly luxurious Riley England “Made in England” range. 

Developed in conjunction with Ronnie O’Sullivan, possibly the most naturally gifted player ever to pick up a cue, this range is only for the most discerning player – those that can appreciate the natural beauty of stunningly finished, hand selected exotic woods. 

Every cue in the range is special and unique – natural variations in wood grains and colours mean that no two cues are exactly alike. Made to order especially for you – when only the very, very best is good enough.

Created by Series - By Ronnie O’Sullivan. 

“ I can only play with one cue and as you probably know, us Professionals don’t like to chop and change things like our tips or cues very often. My “Created by Series” is a way for me to create great looking cues and in some respects are a re-creation of some of the great cues I have enjoyed and played with over the years” I personally loved them all probably for different reasons” 

“It may not work for everyone, as I realise I have a fairly unique perspective not only on the game but equipment itself. I have tried to re-create what I know makes me feel confident when I am at the table, surprisingly when I am cueing well and seeing the balls like they are the size of footballs, that’s the time when I could play with any cue.” - Ronnie O'Sullivan

Autograph Range - By Ronnie O’ Sullivan. 

The Autograph range has good balance, and set up, a chance for those who aspire to play the game to a high to level to experience how top quality equipment can improve your game. Once experienced you will see the true value of this range. Simple, cost effective, but a true reflection of what to expect as you move through the range of products Riley and Ronnie have created together. 

“The Autograph range combines many aspects to create a truly magnificent range of cues, my personal idea with this range is to create a range of cues that more players can enjoy at a price level that won’t break the bank”. - Ronnie O'Sullivan

Dedicated Range - By Ronnie O’Sullivan. 

The “Dedicated by” range of made in England cues has been designed by Ronnie especially for you. The finest ash selected for optimum performance. Crafted for perfect balance and feel; delivering a truly special playing experience. But these cues have that little bit extra – the exotic woods used for the front splices and veneers in interesting and unusual combinations. Not only excellent playing performance, but also a natural beauty unlike any other. 

“I wanted to create a range of cues that were great tools of the trade – playability is always my first concern. But with these cues, I wanted to offer something a bit special. When you walk in a club, you want everyone to know you’re serious – carry one of these and there’s no mistake. These are for you - dedicated by me.”  - Ronnie O'Sullivan

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