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The Relationship between Riley and SightRight.

Steve Feeney, inventor and creator of SightRight ‘sighting and alignment’ Technology has signed a long term deal with BCE - Riley of England, exclusively to market and promote SightRight Technology in Cue Sports globally.

Riley ‘SightRight’ Snooker cues launch November 26th, Pool cue versions will launch in 2015.

Feeney commented "I was looking for a global brand with channels to market in as many countries around the world as possible and the Riley brand fits that requirement better than anyone. They export their products to over 50 countries around the world and have distribution in key markets such as  USA, China and India; their overall reach stretches to every corner of the globe. It was important for me to identify the right partner. I had a number of options with various brands expressing interest in working with me, but Riley had a very clear vision early on around how they could take SightRight to market. One of the key elements that Riley pushed for was to create a SightRight APP to communicate and help players of all standards understand what SightRight Technology actually does in a cue and how it works"



SightRight, the invention, dates back 18 years when Feeney first came up with his patented sighting and alignment tests and coaching systems for Golf Snooker & Darts. SightRight not only helps to provide perfect Sighting and Alignment for more accurate play in snooker and pool, but also has a place in golf and darts where Feeney has worked with Ryder Cup and top European Tour Golf stars and World Darts champions.

Feeney introduced SightRight into professional snooker first when helping two legends of the game, with remarkable results. He has since worked with many top snooker professionals and the number of professional / ranking titles won by top players using his SightRight Methods has now reached 18.

SightRight delivers to players of all standards, across all cue sports, a series of methods and techniques to improve even the most limited of players.

The SightRight APP takes you through 4 Steps to:

1) Test and show you how to sight and aim perfectly in relation to your individual ‘Sighting Line’. This Step removes all the guesswork around eye dominance.

2) Help you learn your ‘Sighting Line’ and develop a pre - shot routine to always sight angles and get on line perfectly before addressing your shot.

3) Help you develop a pre-shot routine that allows you to step in to the shot the same way every time and develop an aligned technique (stance & cue action) when down on the shot.

4) Practice and embed perfectly each of the techniques SightRight provides.

You may not want to be world champion, but most players want to improve their game and SightRight will help you to improve your game from wherever it is today to where you want to be tomorrow. It really does work!!!

Riley, the international Snooker brand, who manufacturers the world renowned Riley Aristocrat snooker table from its plant in Accrington in England, decided to partner with Steve Feeney to launch SightRight in a bespoke range of Riley ‘SightRight’ Cues created to deliver this innovative technology to the market in a way that maintained the all important traditional element that Riley's heritage dictates.

Stuart Lacey, Managing Director, said; " I really liked SightRight from the start and knew it would be an instant success. In our industry, its not every day that something comes along which really is a benefit to the sport, SightRight is the exception to that rule. The benefits are huge!

Being a golfer, an average one at that, I instantly saw the benefit of understanding how to correctly sight the ball but also, just as importantly, the pre-shot routine SightRight helps the cue sports player successfully develop. In Golf, we have all had coaching, most of us have had our swing and grip re-modelled and we all, by and large, address the ball in similar way, (the pre-shot routine). In Snooker and Pool most players have no pre-shot routine as such, or can guarantee they sight and aim perfectly in relation to a proven ‘Sighting Line’ (eye dominance) until now, and that's what I am really excited about. Riley SightRight cues, not only help you to sight and aim perfectly and follow certain steps that will lead to improved potting accuracy, they will also provide you with a pre - shot routine and set up you can trust." 

The quality of Snooker and Pool players around the World today are better than ever and, as with all sports, players of all standards look for an advantage (a legal advantage) and Riley SightRight cues will provide that. Think of golf - can you imagine buying a putter now without any alignment lines on the back of the putter head? Would any golfer buy a putter now with out this alignment aid? No – because it's proven that this improves a player’s putting and assists their game.

The really exciting thing about SightRight Technology in cues is that it is sanctioned by the WPBSA (The World Professional Billiard Snooker Association). Feeney has worked closely with World Snooker Chairman - Jason Ferguson, the World Snooker Coaching Team and the WPBSA, who’s forward thinking recognises the need for improvement in cues sports technology, like golf; to help players at all levels. The quicker players learn and improve, the more enjoyment they get, the more they play and the higher the standard.

SightRight players Stuart Bingham and Martin Gould currently use SightRight Technology in their cues during professional snooker events and have had astounding results because of SightRight with 10 professional titles now won between them. In September this year Bingham won the Shanghai Masters – his seventh title since discovering SightRight.

You don't have to buy the cue before you see the APP, you can access the APP in part for free!  Download now and see for yourself the awesome benefits that SightRight Technology can bring to your game.

SightRight really does work!

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