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Riley x Bath Rugby Aristocrat American Pool Table

Riley x Bath Rugby Aristocrat American Pool Table



• Full size 9' & 8' American Pool Table.
• Manufactured from only the finest Sapele Mahogany and selected hard woods throughout the table.
• 1” (2.5cm) 3 Piece American Pool tournament cut slate.
• Black and Brass Finish

• Matching Handmade Wooden Accessories

• Marine Blue Hainsworth Elite Pro Amercian Pool Cloth With Bath Rugby Crest
• High quality American Pool leather pockets.
• Premium Riley K66 Series cushion rubber for consistent bounce and maximum lifespan.
• 14cm solid wood turned leg construction.

• Bespoke Riley x Bath Brass Table Plates

• Aramith Pool Balls in Bath Rugby Colours

We are pleased to announce a fantastic collaboration with Bath Rugby.

To celebrate the collaboration we are releasing a bespoke Bath Rugby American Pool Table that was designed for the players and installed in their training facilities to continue that competitive nature off the field of play and onto the blue baize. 

​This table is sure to become the centre of the players down time between training sessions and team meetings, giving focus to togetherness and the importance of the social and mental wellbeing that bonds a team at the highest level.

PriceFrom £9,239.00
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