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Riley Neptune Outdoor Table

With outdoor entertainment on the rise, we are proud to introduce the Riley Neptune Outdoor Pool Diner. At first glance, a sleek and stylish patio table, with high quality coated aluminium legs and frame and matching benches. But, there is more to this table than meets the eye.

The dining top is made from an advanced composite laminate, tested to withstand extremes of temperature and fully waterproof.  It has an extremely low thermal coefficient of expansion, meaning that it barely expands and contracts as the temperature changes, which can be a common cause of failure in dining tops made from other materials.

Turn the dining top over and you can play table tennis, using the weatherproof accessories included with the table.

Remove the dining top and stow on the conveniently located storage frame under the table, and you reveal a quality, slate pool table. 

The top rail is made from high specification poly wood, designed to withstand all weather conditions and to resist fading in direct sunlight. 

The cloth is Hainsworth Elite Pro waterproof cloth. Just look how the water forms droplets on the cloth and can be easily brushed away into the pockets, leaving a completely dry playing surface. There are four colours available – you can choose whichever colour suits and give your table a unique look.

The cushions are fitted with our Riley K66 competition rubber for maximum response. Consistent bounce angles, no dead spots and minimal loss of speed when the ball rebounds. We do not compromise on cushion response. It is vital to delivering an enjoyable playing experience.

The legs and frame are coated aluminium, fully weatherproof and carefully finished to provide maximum lifespan and a stylish appearance. The leg levellers ensure that you can install the table on any surface and still enjoy a great game of pool.

Included with the Riley Neptune, you get these great benches, made from the same materials as the table and fitted with leg levellers so you can select the best height for you. 

We offer the Riley Neptune in three colour combinations:

Brown and Grey

Tan and White

Black and Brown

The Riley Neptune is quickly becoming one of our most popular models – stylish, long lasting and weatherproof. Al fresco dining followed by a competitive game of pool or table tennis. 



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