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All Riley snooker tables are designed and built to last a lifetime. The slate itself requires no maintenance – slate is used for snooker tables precisely because it always presents a consistent playing surface no matter how long it has been in use. The wooden parts of the table require nothing beyond occasional cleaning to remove the accumulated deposits of everyday use. We recommend trying out any cleaning products on small area out of direct view to ensure they are compatible with the surface finish.

The cloth will need replacement every few years, depending on frequency of use and how heavily soiled it becomes in use. Riley technicians are available to change cloth – call us for a quotation. It is best to give the playing surface a regular brushing using a proprietary billiard table brush. Brush strokes must be in the direction of the nap to ensure that the playing surface plays correctly and the balls run truly.

All other parts, cushion rubbers, steels, pocket nets, ball runners etc are replaceable should they wear out or be damaged during play. Save for the occasional cleaning of the bright work on the table, there is little maintenance required on these parts and they should last a good many years.

As always, Riley qualified technicians are available to perform a full maintenance on any Riley table – 

just call for a quotation.

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